Rebecca Staffel

In the days leading up to Can-It-Forward Day & our third annual Can-a-Rama kickoff, we’ll be giving a daily shout out to the dedicated group of folks who will be on location showing the ropes of everyday preserving and who have been instrumental to our mission of reviving the lost art of “putting up” food through safe food preservation and community building.

Rebecca Staffel.

That’s Rebecca. She’s the founder and Chief Tasting Officer of Seattle-based Deluxe Foods, which crafts artisanal preserves from peak-of-the-season Washington fruit. In Deluxe Foods, Rebecca brings together her passions for local farmers and produce, French preservation techniques and imaginative flavor combinations, along with a dollop of good humor.

What inspires her to can:
I love Washington fruit. It’s that simple. Opening a jar of blueberry jam in the middle of February helps me remember summer. It’s sunshine in a jar.

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