Mixed Summer Pickles

We are thrilled that Lucy Norris has shared with us an adapted version of this recipe from her book: Pickled: Fruits, Roots, More… Preserving a World of Tastes and Traditions (2003)

jars of picklesMixed Summer Pickles
Recipe adapted from Pickled: Fruits, Roots, More… Preserving a World of Tastes and Traditions (2003), by Lucy Norris
Makes about 8 pints

8 cups white distilled vinegar
8 cups water
3/4 cups salt (Kosher or pickling, non-iodized only)
1-2 lbs. green and wax beans (rinsed and root tips removed)
1-2 lbs. young whole carrots (peeled and root tips removed)
1 small head cauliflower (cleaned and broken up into florets)
8 garlic cloves (peeled and root tips removed)

Use a 1/2 tsp per jar of optional spices. Some ideas include:
sprigs of dill
whole small chili peppers or red pepper flakes
celery seed
mixed pickling spice
whole yellow and brown mustard seeds
nigella seeds
hot curry powder
black peppercorns
fresh horseradish, peeled and cut into small chunks

Combine the vinegar, salt and water in a large saucepan and bring to boil. Pack each jar tightly with vegetables and experiment with your choice of spice and seasonings. (An example combination might be a 1/2 teaspoon of pickling spice, a dill sprig and 1 red chili pepper.) Place a wide mouth funnel on each jar and ladle hot liquid brine over the vegetables remembering to leave at least a 1/4 inch headspace. Remove air bubbles with a bubble freer and cap. Process jars in hot water bath for 10-15 minutes (or longer depending on elevation). Remove each jar carefully with rubberized tongs and place them on a towel or cooling rack. Allow the jars to cool and store in dark cupboard for at least three weeks before tasting. Once opened, store them in the refrigerator for up to six months (only using clean utensils when handling).

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